Look this cute hedgeh… ouchs…

Fluffy Hedgehogs is a fluffy NFT project with a lot of cute PFP hedgehogs. Spread fluffiness with a Fluffy PFP on your socials! Check out the Genesis Fluffy Hedgehogs and Minis!

The project supports hedgehog charities in The Netherlands by donations and adopting injured hedgies. Curious to our charity scoreboard & adopted hedgehogs? Check Discord! Each hedgehog has his own channel with information & photos.

There is so much variety, there is always a hedgehog that you like!

Join the community!

Fluffy Hedgehogs Genesis Collection

The Genesis 250 Fluffies are all hand-drawn and special, every hedgehog has its own character. From designal patterns to fruits, other animals, cosplay and professions.

🦔 250 supply
📅 15th August 2021 first mint
👀 OpenSea only


Check them all on OpenSea!

Fluffy Hedgehogs The Minis

The Minis are here to spread more fluffiness on Twitter & the blockchain!

890 generated based on hand-drawn layers (150+). 10 custom specials and 100 specials, a bit like the Genesis!

🦔 1.000 supply
📅 8th september 2022 first mint


Check them all on OpenSea!

🗺 Roadmap 3 ⭐️

Fluffy Hedgehogs Collections
Dynamic and new style roadmap 🤩

🗺 Roadmap 3 ⭐️

Fluffy Hedgehogs Collections
Dynamic and new style roadmap 🤩

Fluffy Adoption Meter 🌡️

Every time when the Meter is full, the Fluffy community adopts an injured hedgehog through a foundation. With a lot of love the volunteers of the charity will take a good care of the hedgie. When the cutie is healed, he will be released into nature.

The Fluffy Adoption Meter tracks a wallet (fluffyvault.eth) where the Mini Collection royalties are transferred to. A formula ensures that a portion of these royalties is used for new adoptions.

Exclusive NFT airdrops

Periodically we have cute airdrops. These airdrops are exclusive, because they are unique and holding by only one owner. The collection “Fluffy Hedgehogs Hole” contains these NFTs.

Fluffiness give-aways

Once in a while we are having cute give-aways. Related to traded volume celebrations, new adoptions or simply because we love it.

Donation 0.5Ξ to charity

When the Genesis Collection has 200 ETH Traded Volume on OpenSea to celebrate this milestone!

Sleeping bags & bottles

When we have 2500 Twitter followers, we’re going to donate sleeping bags and drinking bottles for baby hedgehogs.

This roadmap is dynamic! It could happen I make some changes or add new cool fluffiness.

🦔 Adoption meter 🌡️


Questions? Information? Fluffy Discord!

Questions Minis Collection

When, how many, how much?

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

The Minis will be mintable by waves! 🌊 The first wave is for Genesis Owners. New waves will follow for people who are whitelisted. 😊 Get yourself whitelisted and join the upcoming flaffles in Fluffy Discord! 🎟 Check Fluffy Discord/Twitter for new Waves! Fluffy Hedgehogs The Minis will be available begin / mid September.

The supply will be 1.000 minis. 890 generated based on hand-drawn layers, 10 custom specials and 100 specials! A 10 procent chance you will mint a special. But… they are all fluffy!!!

The mint price during the whitelist will be 0.02 Ethereum excluding gasfee each. Whitelisted wallets can do a maximum of 2 mints.

How to mint? Scroll down for two methods! MetaMask friendly or all-wallet method!

Distribution supply (whitelist mint-waves)

During the mint of the Genesis Collection, a lot of the distribution went through a flaffle (fluffy raffle). This method has more fair distribution and is better anti-bot and anti-gaswar. For the Fluffy Minis we’ll do a lot with flaffles.

Whitelisted wallets can do a maximum of 2 mints. Mints will be through waves.

Check Fluffy Discord/Twitter for new Mint Waves!

*Changes can be made!

All wallets will be checked, empy wallets will not added to the whitelist.
Ask for more information & rules in Fluffy Discord.

There is a big change there will no be public sale! If the remainder is very small, there could be more flaffles for fair distribution.

How much of the profit will be donated?

When we are 100% sold out 10% of the primary sales will be donated and on top of that, we are going to do a weekly adoption till the end of 2022.

Will there be a roadmap 2 for the minis?

Yes! Of course we are going to support the Dutch charities with. aportion of the royalties. After the 100% sold out mint, there come a roadmap 2 for the minis.

Questions Genesis Collection

Are there more coming?

In the Fluffy Hedgehogs Genesis collection is 250 the absolute maximum. But… check out the Fluffy Hedgehogs Hole for the airdropped Fluffies. These are made for holders and distributed by a flaffle (fluffy raffle).

How much of the profit is donated?

10% of the primary sales and almost 10% of the royalties directly through bank transfer. And on top of that, hedgehogs have been and are still being adopted. So when making a good calculation, more than 10% goes to charities!! Take a look on the charity-scoreboard in Discord for the progression.

In addition, rescue packs were raffled among the holders and drinking bottles and blankets for baby hedgehogs were also donated.

How much will be donated in the future?

New donations & adoptions depends on the traded volume of the collection. When reaching a new milestone on the roadmap, we do a new donation or adoption! The minimum of 10% of the profits will be used as a guideline. And on top of that extra promotions in benefit for the charity or holders.

Questions General Project

What kind or project is this?

The Fluffy Hedgehogs is a cute NFT project. When you have a cute hedgie in your wallet, you can use it as a profile picture on your socials to spread fluffiness. Besides that the community loves hedgehogs, so we donate and save hedgies with a portion of the profits. Check the project roadmap for new milestones. And take a look on the charity-scoreboard in Discord. Sometimes we also do Fluffy giveaways, like calendars, merchandise, airdrops and more.

Is the Fluffy Hedgehogs project a charity?

The creator (and the community) loves hedgehogs very much. But this project is not a foundation. A portion of the profit is and will still be donated.

We also adopt various injured hedgehogs through a foundation in the Netherlands. They take care of the hedgehogs and release them back into the wild as soon as they are better. In Discord every adopted hedgehog has a channel!

How can I get in touch with the creator?

Jump into Fluffy Discord or send a DM on Twitter! Tickets in Fluffy Discord will have a faster reply!

Btw, I do at the moment no collabs with other projects. Also not hiring marketing experts and community managers. Sorry!

Fluffy Hedgehogs – from The Netherlands